Turn off those electronic devices and play a game!  WPL has board games available for check-out to our patrons ages 10 and up.  Strategic and cooperative games for all ages are available for a one-week check out period with no renewals.  Patrons can check out one game at a time.  Families and friends of all ages will be able to find a game perfect for after dinner, a weekend or holiday.

Recently added to the collection: Articulate, Love Letters, Sturdy Birdy, Escape From Iron Gate, Castle Panic, and in honor of Pat Ross, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea.

Board game check out is brought to the community by the Friends of the Library.  WPL’s Friends group supports library activities such as the Summer Reading Program, exhibits, grab and go crafts, and library beautification projects.  For those who believe in literacy programs, love the library and wish to support strong community, membership in the Friends of the Library is a great way to show support.