A letter will be sent to the library user eight weeks after the original due date. An administrative fee of $10 will be added to the cost of long-overdue items. The account will be frozen until the account is settled.

Abuse of Services

Library service is predicated on the sharing of community resources. Patrons who abuse their check out privileges and are sent to setoff for non-return of materials will have their cards restricted after settlement of their account as follows:

First violation: Two-item check-out restriction for six months, full privileges restored if no further set-off violations.

Second violation within five-years: Two-item check-out limitation for one year, full privileges restored if no further set-off violations.

Third violation within five years: Card is suspended for one year after account is settled; following the suspension, the cardholder is subject to a two item check-out limit for one year.

If there are no further set-off violations account restrictions are lifted. If there are further setoff violations within seven years of first qualifying issue, the account is permanently suspended.