More About The Program

A face-to-face interactive experience 

Inspired by the online cyber seniors program.

We strive to help everyone understand and use technology.

We cover everything from phones to computers to tablets or other technologies.

Tech Help is run by the Winfield Public Library in collaboration with Winfield High School by Aiden Phares.







Tuesdays & Thursdays


Call the Library at 620-221-4470 to schedule an appointment

Walk-ins are welcome first-come first-served


    “Happy to have our Winfield High School and Winfield Public Library working together to provide an opportunity for tech team students to help adults develop and refine their tech skills.  As one of the first students to participate, Aiden quickly understood my questions, showed me the steps to take, and, with some practice, to succeed.  Thank you, Aiden!” -Shirley

Aiden Phares helping Shirley with her phone